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I don’t have to prove anything, but…

Posted on: April 23, 2013



I am not as beautiful as Angelina Jolie;

Not as strong as the Avengers;

Not as rich as Carlos Slim;

Not as famous as Michael Jackson;

Not as brilliant as Steve Jobs;

And not as kind as Mother Teresa.

I am not like them, and I will never be like them.


I am also not like my older brother and sister who are smart and intelligent;

Not like my younger brother and sister who are sweet to my parents;

And not a great friend to my circle of friends.


I am not like them. I am not one of the bests and may not be even better than anyone of them.



I know I can be better. Everyday, I will try to be until I reach the BEST that I can be.

I am not like them and I don’t have to prove anything to them, BUT.. I will prove something to myself..

That today, I am better than yesterday.





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