Greater Purpose

donkey DN


As for your donkeys that were lost three days ago, do not set your mind on them, for they have been found. – 1 Samuel 9:20


Saul was just looking for the lost donkeys; never had he known that he will be anointed as king of Israel on that day. His journey of looking for lost animals led him to his journey of a greater purpose.

In life, sometimes we pursue small things, believing it is the ultimate purpose of our lives. Then surprises come and God just turn our world upside down. He amazes us with things He had for us. He continues to fulfill His promises. Truly, He moves in mysterious ways!


Sometimes whenever I do something small, I just do it on my own. Now I’ve realized that God will always be the God of EVERYTHING. Whether I sweep the floor or be the CEO of a company, He will still be the one and only true God. Whether big or small, He is the One behind it for He has a purpose for everything. Let us not forsake the small things God is asking us to do. He has a bigger purpose behind it. No more small or big. With God, everything is beautiful 🙂

So ALL I have I offer into Thy hands..and everything is under His control.. for I may not know what a great purpose lies ahead of it 🙂


Dear Lord, it is my desire to follow You everyday of my life. I want to follow and obey not only on the big things but even on the small ones. Indeed You are amazing God! Please be the controller of everything in my life. Thank You Lord. I love You. AMEN.






photo © Desktop Nexus


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