My Beautiful ‘CHANGE’

3D-Butterfly G

Change is constant. Change will always be part of our lives and it’s either we live with it or we don’t live at all.

In twenty five years of living, maybe I can say that I’ve gone far enough so as to say that I’m a living proof of this phrase. I am just maybe one-third through my life, so I still have my life ahead of me. So it also means that there are still lots of changes that I will face. And I am ready for it. Maybe sometimes it will be difficult for me, but I will face it.

Let me just share with you some of the changes I’ve gone through.

Physical. Man, if you won’t undergo this change, you better question your humanity. Haha! And yeah you’re absolutely correct, it takes time to adjust. When I first noticed that there will be really changes inside my body which will be noticed in the outside pretty soon, panic rushed thru my mind and I even prayed to God that He stop those changes. But well, He was still God and not me, and so He didn’t obey me. Fair enough. Maybe if I insisted, I would have been even shorter than my height right now. God really knows best 😀

Worldviews. Believe it or not, even at a very young age we already have our own beliefs. Maybe most of them we have just adopted from our parents, some from our friends, some from media and some are from our own imaginative thinking and sometimes, from our day to day experiences. And as we grow old and become more mature, some of these will surely change.

People. People come, people go. We can have lots of friends during grade school and lose 99% of them and have a complete different set of buddies on secondary. We may keep in touch with 50% of them and add to another set of fellas on college. Cool. That’s life. We collect people who will impact our lives and choose who will stay in our circle. Some bid goodbye even if we don’t want, and so even if it hurts, we accept it. Some, we choose to throw. It’s our prerogative anyway. So a piece of advice, be wise; you may keep the wrong ones and throw the right ones.

Character. Because there are changes in worldviews and people around us, then our character will definitely change. People may impact and change our beliefs, and so the ‘set of internal rules’ that we follow may completely change, that in time, may produce a different character. I may not be able to explain it well, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gone though this change. And it’s quite interesting part of my life. Well, that’s just my honest opinion.

Those are areas of my life that I’ve experienced tremendous change. Those are just some. There are a lot of changes that I’ve gone through; some are difficult changes and some are easy to accept.

But like what I’ve said, there’s an interesting part of my life. That part when my life changed upside down. You know why? Because I met the One. Yeah, the One. You read it right. That One, the only One, who can change everything.

When I met Him, my whole life changed. And there’s no regret. He’s the reason why I am still here, why I am able to write this and the reason why I am here where I am right now.

He’s the reason of everything. He’s the reason why I embrace the beauty of morning and accept the pain of evening.

If there’s one change I will never regret, then that’s the change I made God my one and only King, my greatest Lover and my Savior.

He’s the only ONE.

My ONLY One.

My beautiful ‘CHANGE’.

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