Reality and Fantasy


“I believe all of us have our own fantasy world. What’s yours?”

This question remained in one corner of my heart. What’s my fantasy world? Where is it? The day that question rang thru my ears, I disagreed. “I don’t believe in that. I don’t have one.” Strong words.

Just like any other normal kids, I grew up hearing and watching fairytales – those prince-princess extraordinary love stories and ‘happily ever afters’.. I wasn’t a fan, but for the girl that will always live inside of me, I have hoped that one day I could have that story.

Many want to live in a fantasy world. But what exactly is a fantasy world? Is it a world without tears and loneliness? Without fears and pride? Without pain and suffering? We see that even the Disney princesses have their own share in the pains of this world. The only difference is there’s magic in their stories. And in ours? None.

Those stories of magic and wonders weren’t created for us to believe in magic. They weren’t created to make us believe that one day our fairy-godmother will rescue us and our prince will wake us up from a horrible dream. NO. I believe they were created to give us HOPE. To help us realize that this world will never be perfect but we just have to believe that everything happens for a beautiful reason.

Yeah, maybe you have your own fantasy world. And it’s fine. But don’t live like a loser waiting for magic. And maybe I also have mine. However, I’m choosing to live in reality rather than dream to have that kind of story.

Living in this selfish world is painful. But I’m still in the right mind not to think that I am Cinderella suffering from a bad life and one day I will see my fairy-godmother who will help me meet my prince. No. I’m still sane. But I am crazy enough to believe that I am a princess – child of a King – who has an inheritance to a wonderful and blessed life.

This is not a perfect world. You don’t have any fairy-godmother. But believe me, you’re a princess / prince. You’re a daughter /son of the Most High KING.

And in any case you’re searching and waiting for your happily ever after..

Trust me, you have one.


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