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Solomon rebuilt the cities that Hiram had given to him, and settled the people of Israel there. – 2 Chronicles 8:2


I love this word – REBUILT. It connotes courage and determination. In other books it was told that the cities were 20, and so this land that Solomon rebuilt is not just a small town, these are unproductive cities. So I imagine how tiring and painful it was. but as it was said, he settled the people of Israel there – so it means that it was rebuilt beautifully. From being unproductive land to worth living in towns.

And christian life is just like that. There are times when God asks us to rebuild something.. not for anything else but for the sake of others.


Rebuild – means to build something AGAIN. And most of the times, I’m allergic with this. Pero sabi nga, paano malalaman kung hindi susubukan? If there’s unproductive land, will I let it be unproductive forever? NO.

The only things required – faith, courage and determination. If God says “Stop”, then I will stop. But if God is silent, then I will go.


Lord I praise You for today and forever! Be glorified in my life oh Lord. I surrender to You everything. And so no matter what You tell me to do, whether to build or to rebuild, i will do it.. may it be easy or difficult. I love You. AMEN.

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