Patiently Waiting

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Be patient, therefor, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until receives the early and the late rains. – James 5:7


So waiting upon the Lord was likened to farmers waiting for harvest.

As we follow God, we must obey His words. There is no guarantee that we will always bear fruit or reap a harvest just like the farmers. And just like how patient they are, we should be as well. Hindi lang naman iisa ang anihan. Bawat taon may nakatalagang panahon para dito. Minsan may ani, minsan wala. But the farmers keep on plowing, right? Because in their hearts they believe that harvest will soon come.


In this life, waiting is always part of the journey. And this world is like a big waiting room. And surely we are all waiting for a better tomorrow. And I, as a sojourner here, am always waiting for that. Waiting for my dreams to come alive. But I know that sometimes I’d be waiting for nothing even if I’m plowing hard. But no matter what, I’ll keep working and digging. Believing that the rain will come and seeds will grow. And in His time, harvest will come.


For a lovely day, thank You oh Lord. I guess this year of 2015 will be another year of working hard. May You grant me the will and strength to always move forward. No matter what happens, may I fail many times and rain may not come, I will still wait. Thank You Lord. I love You. AMEN.


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