Ouch! Thanks.


I used to hate pain.

Whenever I get bruised and wounded during childhood days.. Whenever I get jealous and feel out of place during adolescence period.. And whenever I get my heart broken up to this moment in my life.. It feels terrible. And what do you call that? Oh yeah, yeah.. it’s PAIN, dude.

And I hate it.

I don’t like it. I don’t want to feel it. I hate it.

But come to think of it..

When I rode the bicycle for the first time and got my left foot injured, what could have happened if pain didn’t strike me?

When my heart was broken for the first time, what could have happened if I didn’t feel the ‘lost’ after all?


If your shoes are too small and couldn’t fit anymore, and yet you don’t feel it, you’d continue using it, right? Until one day you’d realize your toes are swollen and you already got blisters.

If you got stabbed at your back (literally) and you don’t feel it, you’d still continue doing what you’re doing, of course. Unless someone else sees you bleeding, you wouldn’t know you already need to be rushed to the hospital.

Yeah. I am right, RIGHT?

So even if it’s quite ironic.. the TRUTH is – PAIN is our FRIEND.

Just imagine how your life’s gonna be if you don’t feel it at all. It will be terrible not to feel terrible. Yeah.

PAIN is our friend reminding us that something is wrong. It warns us that there’s something in our lives that needs to be changed. It tells us that we are wounded and broken and we need medication so we can function at our best again.

The problem we’re facing today is that we become extreme with our ‘friend’. Either we hate it or we love it.

When we hate it, we avoid feeling it. We pretend everything’s alright and we hide it in the deepest part of our hearts.

When we love it, we embrace it. We forget that we also have to move on and forget the past. We drown ourselves with this feeling that we couldn’t stand up again.

HEY! Pain must be felt. Don’t avoid it. CRY. Mourn. FEEL IT. It is the first step towards moving on and breaking free.

But please.. don’t treat it like water. Don’t drink it everyday. Don’t drown yourself. It must be felt. But it should not stay in our lives. We have to move forward and live on.

PAIN is not an enemy, it is a friend. If you feel it, FEEL IT.

After all, a life without pain is not life at all.

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