My Contract with God

Dear Lord,

If there is one thing that I will forever ask is this – “Why do You love me this much that You’ve given Your life for me?”

No matter how long I think about it, how deep I dig to find an answer, I will never comprehend. I will never deserve such kind of love. I will never earn it and I will never be worthy of it. And for that, I will forever be thankful.

And alongside with this thanksgiving is my life. I know this is not enough, because even this life that I have has come from You. But it is all I can offer.

As You allow me to live more days, months and years, I will…

  1. Be Your child. Be the DG You want me to be, the servant-child that You planned me to be. I will joyfully obey You no matter what and YES will always be my answer to whatever You ask me to do.
  2. Be the child and sister You created me to be to the family You have gifted me. They will be my first ministry.
  3. Be the best disciple-maker/spiritual mother to the souls You have entrusted to me. I will pursue not just to be a leader of followers but a leader of leaders.. a disciple-maker of disciple-makers.
  4. Be a good ambassador, a good testimony for Your glory wherever You bring me. Be a good friend to my inner circle and a good role model to all of them.
  5. Prepare myself for the future You have prepared for me. Everyday will be my training day. I will continue to explore until the day I find the gifts and skills You have given me and nurture them and use them for Your glory.

I know that my path will never be smooth and I will face trials of many kinds, and so I pray that You give me wisdom, strength and courage as I continue to fight. The things above are subject to changes as You please. As I go on, I know that somehow, some things will be clearer and more specific, but the same things remain, I will strive to do those things with integrity and love.

I offer You this contract with the highest adoration. In my life, let Your will be done.

Sincerely Yours,





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